*Remember to reserve your number for each sale!!

CALL GINGER AT 256-762-2914 OR EMAIL ME AT Gingert42@gmail.com


Becoming a Consignor:


 Contribute at least 15 items and shop on Friday, August 18th.  You will also receive 2 passes for the Half-Price sale on Friday, August 25th.

  You receive 65% of your sales

  Pick up is on Saturday, Sept 2nd. Any items not picked up by 6:00 will be donated. If you cannot pick up your items on this date, please make arrangements for someone else to pick-up for you.
  Checks will be ready at pick up.  There will be a $ 7.00 fee deducted from each check for rent and advertisement.



If you would like your remaining items to be donated, leave a self-addressed stamped envelope at drop off and we will mail your check.




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